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Our replacement parts are direct replacements for the parts already on your airplane. In other words, they look the same as the factory originals but have the notable exception of being built to the upgraded standards of all of our performance products.

Specifically: They are built out of hand laid-up fiberglass (no chopper gun lay ups here!) covered with a white gel coat. Weight tolerances are stringently observed and the parts are inspected in accordance with the latest FAA requirements.

Basically our replacement parts:

are 3 to 5 times stronger in tension, compression, and bending as the factory originals.

have much better UV radiation tolerance

are easier to paint and "hold" paint better.

will not crack!

demonstrate vastly higher damage resistance and tolerance (this is due to the bi-directional fabric lay-up) and in the unlikely event that the part becomes damaged, it holds or "tolerates" the damage very well and keeps the damaged area (assuming it is not too large) from propagating. A plastic part has no ability to do this and will fail catastrophically ( i.e. it will allow the part to diverge from the aircraft) even if the wear or damage is relatively minor.

are easily repairable if damaged using readily available materials and basic repair techniques. No matter what you hear, plastic is simply not repairable to an acceptable condition.

all of our parts are 100% guaranteed for quality of workmanship and quality of service; all backed by our 52 years of service to the general aviation community. NO OTHER COMPANY DOES THIS!



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