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Met-Co-Aire is the industry leader in high performance wing tip design, as the purveyors of the immensely popular Hoerner design wing tip.

This wing tip design is by far the most utilized tip design available on the market today. It is standard equipment on many production aircraft and, as a further testament to its effectiveness, is used extensively in the ethereal world of homebuilt aircraft. More homebuilt designers have chosen this design than all others combined. It is now available for your airplane!

MCA has been at the forefront of the modifications business for the last 45 years. Initially building metalization kits for Cessnas, Ercoupes and Stinsons to building one of the first tri-cycle gear conversions for early model Cessnas along with producing a highly praised 48 gallon tip tank system for Piper Aztecs & Apaches.

Currently, in addition to the Hoerner drag reduction wing tip, MCA produces the premier direct replacement fiberglass exterior parts available. These parts are much stronger than the plastic factory originals and are guaranteed not to crack. They are fully FAA approved and are available for a variety of Piper and Cessna aircraft.

MCA continues to flex its muscles in the replacement parts arena backed by its unapproachable 3 Star Guarantee which provides the customer with the best product available at the lowest price

Give us a try – we think you’ll be impressed!

1. Do they work?
  Our tips are proven to work each and every time that they are put on an aircraft. For over 50 years our customers have been satisfied with the improvements that they have attained…and you will be too.
2. Why Fiberglass?
  For several reasons:
First and foremost is endurance. A fiberglass part will out last a plastic one in every weather condition.Once you put a MCA product on it is rare that you will ever have to do so again.Further more, fiberglass is resistant to impact it is as strong as mild steel, and can be repaired easily. Combine this with lightweight, low cost and fiberglass is your best choice.
3. Are they FAA approved?
  Met-Co-Aire, Inc. has held STC’s and PMA’s for over forty years.
4. Are they available for my airplane? 
  That really depends on which aircraft you have. Just check the categories at the left. If you still do not see what you need call or e-mail. Since we are constantly adding parts we just may have it!
5.  What colors do they come in? 
  All of our parts come covered in a white Gel-coat. 
6.  Will they crack? 
  Fiberglass is designed to stop cracks internally. No stop drilling here! 
7.  What is the guarantee?  
  We have a 3 STAR GUARANTEE. Increased Performance Best Product Quality Lowest Prices guaranteed!!! 
8. How long to install?
  Depending on the aircraft, the average is 2-4 hours
9. Can they ship UPS?
  YES. All of our products except the Aztec and Apache parts can ship UPS
10. What are my payment options?
  In most cases you can pay via check, or credit card
(Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover).


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